Duane Degn’s Projects and Thoughts

I plan to use this site to document my various projects. A couple of sites I admire are Bajdi’s site and Frank Zhao’s Eleccelerator.

I’ve previously documented some of my projects at Let’s Make Robots, at Hackaday.io and on Parallax’s forum.

Besides documenting projects I’m working on, I’ll also post information about some of the parts I purchase. I’ll also post information about parts and supplies which are given to me.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be biased in favor of any items I don’t purchase so I’ll make sure and mention if I didn’t purchase an item. I’ll likely offered biased reviews (I’m not sure review is the best term) but I’ll be sure to let you when there’s a reason my review could be biased.

Just so there’s a picture on this page, here’s one of my “Halloween Hex.”

Halloween Hex


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